Green Card Renewal Application 2022 Explained

If you’re wondering what the green card renewal process in 2022 is like, here’s all you need to know. You must complete Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. Next, you must include your supporting evidence and pay the correct government filing fees. Finally, you can submit your application online or via mail.

The USCIS will send you a receipt notice containing a unique number for tracking the progress of your application online. Later, you’ll receive another notification for a biometrics exam within a few weeks. 

If your application is successful, you may receive your new green card within 2 to 12 months. 

Unfortunately, not all green card renewal processes are as easy as they sound.

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Common Green Card Renewal Challenges

Some situations complicate the green card renewal process leading to rejected or denied applications. Because immigration processes are broad and complex, you may need legal assistance to complete your green card renewal successfully. This is where an experienced green card lawyer comes in.

Attorney Serah Waweru has vast experience with US immigration laws and regulations. She can help review your petition, evaluate your options, compile and complete the petition, etc.

Here are some common problems many immigrants face with their green card renewal petition. 

You Committed a Crime

Can I renew my green card if I’ve committed a crime? This is a common question some green card holders ask.

If you’ve committed a crime, you’re likely to face numerous challenges renewing your green card. The USCIS uses your fingerprints and passport photos to conduct a background check on you. This search uncovers all records of any past criminal activities that may affect your immigration status.

The USCIS outlines specific categories of crimes that make you inadmissible in the country. Generally, these offenses include aggravated felonies, crimes of moral turpitude, and drug-related crimes. However, any crime is likely to raise concerns about your admissibility. 

Such situations may be challenging to handle without the help of an experienced immigration lawyer like Serah Waweru. They’ll assess the effect of the crime on your immigration status and determine whether you qualify for a waiver.

If You’re Filing a Motion to Reconsider a Denied Renewal 

A denied green card renewal application is devastating news. You could lose your permanent residence status and face deportation. Although you can’t appeal the decision made by the USCIS, a green card attorney can help you file a motion to reopen or reconsider your application. 

In the motion to reconsider your application, you must determine that the USCIS didn’t apply the law correctly while deciding your case. You should base this claim on the evidence in your application file. If you have new evidence and facts about your application, you’ll file a motion to reopen the case. 

You Were Out of the Country for More than a Year

There are no restrictions forbidding you from traveling abroad as a permanent resident. However, the US government may determine that you’ve abandoned your green card status if you stay out of the country for over one year. As a result, many questions may arise concerning your petition to renew your green card should it expire while you’re living abroad.

However, some circumstances may be out of your control. For example, you may be affected by travel restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. In such a case, you may need the help of an immigration attorney while renewing your green card.

You Made Mistakes in Your Application

The USCIS may reject your green card renewal application due to numerous mistakes, including missing documents, information, and signatures.

It’s often difficult for the USCIS officers to make informed decisions on an incomplete application. For this reason, the USCIS may request more information by sending you a notice called the Request for Evidence (RFE). 

Responding to an RFE is an integral part of your application. Your immigration attorney may help if you’re unsure of the documents to include in the RFE or your application.

Filing the Wrong Form

Form I-90 serves several purposes, such as renewing and replacing green cards. However, you can’t use it to renew a conditional green card. 

A conditional green card expires after two years. You must file a petition to remove conditions on the green card using Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to get a 10-year green card. However, if you lose your conditional green card, you need to file Form I-90 to replace it. Each of these forms has different requirements and filing procedures.

It’s easy to mix up these forms when renewing a 10-year green card or replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged conditional green card. 

Unfortunately, the USCIS rejects such applications and doesn’t refund the filing fees. Consult an immigration attorney to help you complete the correct form and follow the right procedures to avoid such issues. 

Green Card Renewal FAQS

We’ve answered the most asked questions about the green card renewal below:

Is it Worth Hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

Hiring an immigration lawyer is worth your money and time. They can help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes in your application.

Can I renew my green card while outside of the US?

You need to be physically present in the US to renew your green card. If your green card expires while you’re abroad, you must travel back as soon as possible to avoid abandoning your permanent residence status. In addition, ensure that you apply for a re-entry permit to avoid problems at the point of entry before leaving for your trip. 

The Bottomline 

The green card renewal process may be easy or difficult, depending on various reasons. Given that your immigration status depends on this process, you must file your application correctly. However, that may not be easy to achieve without legal assistance.

Finding an experienced immigration attorney is a game-changer. You won’t have to worry about missing information or filing the wrong form. In addition, the attorney will examine any issues that may affect your application. Then, they’ll determine the best solution for such issues, increasing the chances of a successful petition.

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